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Our Amish baskets are handcrafted, authentic, and hand made by the Old Order Amish in Ethridge, Tennessee, of the finest materials, at an affordable price.

On these pages you will find a variety of high quality, authentic hand woven Amish baskets, crafted from the finest materials, at affordable prices. Our Amish baskets are constructed with full hoops, both vertically at the handle and horizontally around the top edge of the basket to give added strength and stability. Woven or braided sea grass used in the construction of some of our handmade baskets affords increased durability and strength, making these Amish baskets perfectly suited to heavy loads. We offer a wide assortment of hand made Amish baskets in a choice of materials, colors, styles and sizes. Due to the handmade nature of Amish baskets, slight variations in colors and sizes may occur.

Basket making, or basketry, is perhaps the first art form of humankind. Remnants of woven baskets are found across the human time line, as this 'first container' found a niche in nearly every ancient civilization. Since woven basketry materials were readily available, easily configured to unique purposes, and lightweight for carrying from camp to camp, hand crafted baskets were highly prized for the essential service they provided. In most cultures reliant on baskets for food storage, harvesting, and even tableware, plant dyes were often used to decorate the reed to demonstrate the elevated role baskets, and basket makers, held within the society. Before wooden barrels, burlap sacks, cardboard boxes, or plastic totes, hand made baskets were the primary container for all non-liquid storage and transportation. As people became less nomadic, baskets had long since secured their place in every day life and have been 'carried' right through human history up to modern times.

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Our Amish handmade baskets continue this timeless tradition of woven basketry. Using the finest materials, proven designs and techniques, our Amish basket makers create durable and functional examples of this ancient craft. You are probably accustomed to flimsy, imported baskets that only serve a decorative function, and if you happen to ask too much of them, they readily fall apart. Our Amish-made baskets are nothing like that--they are made for work. Many of the basket designs we feature are used today on Amish farms to fulfill a myriad of jobs. These handcrafted baskets are not replicas, reproductions, or imitations, but the actual baskets they craft for their own use in our Old Order Amish community in Ethridge, Tennessee.

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Plain and Simple Quilts is the parent company of Amish Basket Weaver. At Plain and Simple Quilts you can view our inventory of Amish handmade traditional and applique' quilts, custom order quilts; ready-made quilt tops, Amish-made compression-style wooden quilt hangers, and Amish-made wooden quilt racks. You can also read about our hand quilting and custom quilt services. Our sister site, Amish Handquilting, offers exceptional hand quilting services provided by experienced and accomplished Amish quilters. Visit the site to read detailed descriptions of our hand quilting services.

Also, may we recommend visiting Amish Threads where we are raffling two amazing quilts to benefit two chronically ill children in our Amish community.

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